What makes you special?

We specifically founded this company to help drivers increase the amount of tips they receive through high-quality products that really do make a difference and create a positive interaction between a driver and the passenger.

Why purchase this?

Simply put, this is an excellent investment that pays for itself after a couple of tips. Our signs are made from premium 15mm PVC, which will last for a very long time.

Why not just print out a tip sign from my printer?

Designing, measuring, printing, cutting and laminating your own sign is a hassle. We’ve made it really easy for you. All the logistics have already been thought out.

Will my ratings suffer as a result of having a tip sign?

Ratings are based on how you preformed as a driver. Good performance is usually based on how well you navigated, the cleanliness of your car, and overall communication with the passenger.

Can I become an affiliate and earn extra income?

Sure thing. Head over to rideshare.supplies/affiliate and register for an account. As soon as your account is approved, you’ll be able to access the details of your affiliate account by logging in to rideshare.supplies/my-account and clicking the Affiliate link on the bottom of the page.

What are Rideshare Supplies’ Terms of Service? Do you have a privary policy?

We are committed to a transparent, smooth experience for all our users. Our policies can be read here: rideshare.supplies/policies, and our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are available at rideshare.supplies/tos.

What are your shipping and return policies?

Shipping is free to the Continental United States on all orders. Contact us for International orders (hello@rideshare.supplies). If you are unhappy with your order, we offer a money-back guarantee. Products are free to try for the first 10 days. The customer must send an email to hello@rideshare.supplies by the 9th day detailing why the item is no longer wanted. It must be in like-new condition. The customer is responsible for shipping and packing back to Rideshare Supplies. Package must be sent back within 5 business days after a return is approved otherwise a charge will occur in the full amount.

Where are your products made?

Rideshare Supplies’ signs are designed and printed in California, USA.

Where can I find your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy, along with the Terms of Use of this website, can be read here.